The personal data provided by customers is strictly managed by MJG INTERNATIONAL PTE.LTD., Which operates MJG, based on the following policy. MJG INTERNATIONAL PTE.LTD. (Hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) believes that the personal data of customers is indispensable in order to provide better services. At the same time, we recognize that protecting personal data received from customers and handling them appropriately is a way for us to respond to the trust of our customers and that it is a social responsibility that we must bear. Our personal data protection policy is as follows.


1. We may ask you to provide your name, address, telephone number, age, gender, and other necessary personal data in the cases below. Additionally, certain categories of information, such as information about your race, ethnicity, religion, and health status, among your personal data will be considered “sensitive personal data”. In general, we do our best to limit the circumstances under which your sensitive personal data is collected. However, sensitive personal data may be collected in accordance with the provision of services etc. to the customer, when the customer makes certain requests to clearly specify or imply matters relating to sensitive personal data, or if the customer chooses to provide it to the company (or any third party required to provide the service).

(1) When requesting services from the Company

(2) If the customer wish to purchase programs or products the Company

(3) When applying for surveys and campaigns from the Company

(4) Application for registration to receive services for members from the Company

(5) When requesting catalogs or materials for the Company

(6) Participating in events or events hosted or sponsored by the Company

(7) When filling in the shop member’s list of the Company

(8) When the customer makes enquiries to the Company


2. Personal data will be strictly managed by establishing an information management supervisor in the company and complying with relevant laws and regulations such as the Personal Data Protection Act. 3. Personal data will not be disclosed to any third party without your permission. However, the following cases are excluded.

(1) When there is prior consent of the customer

(2) When requesting transportation / delivery to a shipping company, etc., in order to deliver goods or other items to the customer

(3) When using a credit sales company / financial institution for purchasing services and products

(4) In case of making joint announcements the with the owner of the shop’s premise

 (5) In the case of notifications from the owner of the shop’s premise

(6) In the case of notification from our subsidiary

(7) When provision or disclosure is required by law


4. Personal data received from customers will be used for the following purposes.

(1) Provision of desired services, products, and related information

(2) Providing information on aftercare, new courses, new products and services

(3) Providing information on special events

(4) When checking information and conducting surveys regarding customer contract details, registration details, reservations, satisfaction, and program usage balance

(5) When answering questions from the customer

(6) When handing over to new staff in the store to send greetings to the customer

(7) Identity verification

(8) Emergency contact


5. The task of processing personal data entrusted to the Company by the customer may be outsourced to an external company. In that case, the Company will confirm that the personal data is sufficiently protected by the other party and take necessary measures such as signing a contract.


6. If the customer requests disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use or suspension of provision to a third party from the registered personal data, after confirming that it is indeed the intention of the customer, we will respond promptly. The same applies to termination of services and newsletters and announcements. When the personal data provided by the customer is no longer needed, it will be promptly destroyed.


7. Customer data will be sent to a data storage facility where important records are kept. Customer data will be transferred to third parties through our offices, designated agents in Singapore and around the world, and disclosed under Articles 3 and 4 above as we fulfill our contracts with customers.


8. Security This website uses SSL encrypted communication to prevent data eavesdropping when entering your personal data. This website uses VeriSign's secure server ID. Your information is protected by SSL encrypted communication.


9. The contents of this Regulation may be revised in accordance with the establishment or revision of related laws and regulations.


10.Contact information For inquiries about our privacy policy and handling of personal data, please contact our store.


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* We may revise the privacy policy without notice to customers. Please note.


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